LightsPlease… 2010

Cue LightsPlease…Mashed up, mixed down, compressed and ready for distribution. Rewind. It’s time to divorce the digital to marry the live.

Dance, slam poetry, live and digitalised music combine in this interactive performance piece where the line between audience and performance shifts, bends, blurs and breaks. Don’t ask questions. Let your feet do the talking. We’ll do the rest.

Featuring: Joff Bush, David Halaufia, Callum Robertson, Jeff Paton, Imraan Paleker, Genevieve Butler, Oluwaseun Kolade, Kimie Mizuno, Courtney Stewart, Michael Doherty & Fenlan Chuang.

Headed by Courtney Stewart and Genevieve Butler Sexy Knickers created work that fused numerous creative art forms to make catchy and engaging dance theatre, which attracted a large and diverse audience.  LightsPlease… initially started as SneakyFeet which debuted at Backbone Youth Arts 2High Festival 2009 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The second stage of it’s development fell under the title of Jammin’ on the one and was showcased at Metro Arts FreeRange Showcase also in 2009. The work then went on to have an Independent season at Metro Arts titled LightsPlease…




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