Darling, it’s just soap 2014


Darling, it’s just soap is a one woman show that deals with themes associated to parenting and it’s social pressures, disciplining, and child abuse.  Darling, it’s just soap is told from the perspective on mother Patricia, lover of dishing our parenting advise to friend Sharan.  Unexpectedly she finds herself on the receiving end when darling son Robert develops a nasty swearing habit.  This is when the advise stops and the real disciplinary experiments begin. The show tracks this mothers desire to have and want the best for her child and his future. But when things don’t go as planned, her world begins to crack and the lengths she’ll go to to get him back on track are revealed.

“Like a dog eating a Christmas tree; festive and enthusiastic but risky and somewhat inappropriate.” – Matt O’Neill

Show Trailer

The character of Patrica went on to join Marissa Ker’s character Princess Petunia in a 5 Minute skill titled: Worm Bowling  and was performed at The Angry Mine soirée at Brisbane Bowels Club.




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