Bouffon Parade 2014

In May 2014 the LASSAAD Theatre School took part in the street theater festival « Sortileges » in Ath.  At this an open air festival a parade of Bouffons took to the street chanting and dancing, enticing audiences and passerby's to look deeper and more closely at the absurdities we encounter both daily and throughout history.


Tintin and Le Petit Spiro 2014

Museum Night Fever: All around Brussels museums open their doors for a night of performance, film and much more.  In February 2014, the students from Lassaad's school of theatre, performed live reenactments of some of the worlds most famous comics at The Belgium Comic Strip Centre.   The images are from TinTin and The Little Spiro.

The Water Station 2013

Walking through a wasteland, eighteen travelers stop by at a dripping water faucet at different times and then go their separate ways, while a man living in a junk pile casually observes their actions from above. Abounding in images of fragmentation and decay, the play depicts the decline of human civilization. Silence in this context …